Bandanas and God

Today is the celebration of The Pentecost. It’s what we might call a Transition Holiday
because it is the day that the early believers in Jesus Christ began to make the transition
from being Jewish to being Christian. In fact, Pentecost began and still is a Jewish holiday
as well as a Christian holiday. In our reading from the Book of Acts we heard about how
flames of fire appeared over the heads of the disciples and how when filled with the Holy
Spirit they were suddenly able to speak in languages that they had never studied.
Can you imagine that? Suddenly Spanish speakers speaking English? English speakers
speaking Russian? Russian speakers speaking Swahili? Rosetta Stone – the company that
sells teach-yourself-a-language courses – they would be out of business for sure if that
happened today.
Now, this ability to speak in other languages is also called “speaking in tongues.” Some
churches like the Pentecostal Church even insist that you don’t have the Holy Spirit if you
don’t speak in tongues. We’re probably on the other end of the spectrum…

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