Here at Good Shepherd we believe that theology matters. Theology shapes who we are and how we behave as a people of faith in the world. Our theology is deeply rooted in the writings and translations of both the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament; from these deep roots we grow in new directions upward and outward. The way we “do” theology allows us to find the gift of fresh insight each time we open the scriptures and reflect upon them.

We believe the Bible is a living WORD. It is a historical  document that reveals people’s growing understanding of God and it is an agent of change. The Bible’s narratives, prophecies, poems, prayers and other literary genres help us explore and deepen our relationship with God and the world around us. We welcome and enjoy conversations about and challenges to one another’s understandings of scripture and its application to daily life. We believe that through this living WORD of God we are continually being reshaped and made new as a people of God.

We believe the Spirit of Divine Love is ever at work throughout the cosmos creating, enlightening, restoring and reconciling both creatures and creation. We are proudly progressive in our theology and intentionally inclusive in our practice. We   unashamedly recognize and claim the truth of The Way of Christ Jesus. At the same time, we believe that no one religious tradition has a monopoly on truth. We seek the abundant life that Christ promised by embracing the diversity of race, culture, gender, ethnicity and religion that together make humankind.

If you share our beliefs and if you don’t, if you are committed or if you are just curious, if you consider yourself Christian or not we would love to be in conversation with you at any of our many events throughout the year.