The Men’s Work Group of The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd normally meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 8:30 a.m. in the Narthex, and then as needed when special projects are undertaken by the group. Between five and fifteen members typically attend any given event. Although we call ourselves “The Men’s Work Group,” all men and woMEN of Good Shepherd are welcome and invited. If you are interested, we will add your name to our email list that announces all projects and keeps everyone informed. The great women of the Good Shepherd Piece Corps are so impressed by our group, they invite us to their “First Wednesday of the Month Pot Luck.” So if you join our group, you get fellowship, internship experience to improve your resume for new skills and trades, you are giving a gift to your congregation by helping maintain our wonderful Good Shepherd facilities, and you get a good meal at noon on the first Wednesday of every month.

During this past year our group planned and completed several projects: 1) we oversaw the $45,000 re-roofing of the Gathering Place and associated roofing repairs; 2) we cleaned and repaired the storm water system of the Good Shepherd site; 3) we remodeled the bathrooms outside of Crary Hall, and portions of Crary Hall’s  kitchen cabinets; 4) we did spring and fall clean up around the grounds; 5) we laid pavers for the new Columbarium; 6) we cut down and put up the Christmas Tree; and engaged in many other maintenance projects, large and small.

In addition to the maintenance and improvement projects we do on-site at Good Shepherd, twice each year we also haul the treasure chest of Piece Corps quilts to Seattle to be shipped out to various places in the world by Lutheran World Relief, helping those in need.  Oh yes, and don’t forget the Lutheran Coffee Breaks and David Good’s work in digging out and removing old stumps while the rest of us help with tree trimming, plowing the garden and telling many old “Lutheran Stories.”

Come join us on any of these Wednesday mornings, and if you have a skill (or think you do) we will put that “thought to work.” Send me your email address ( [email protected]) and let me know how you would like to “give back some of God’s gift to you.”