The word koinonia means Christian fellowship, and if you go into Crary Hall on any Thursday afternoon from 2-4, that’s what you will get. A small group of women meet each week to sew a variety of quilted articles and to learn new quilting techniques. If you have ever wanted to learn to quilt, this is a great group to do it with – and no class fees! Their work is gorgeous, and they have a grand time doing it—and if you ever walk through Crary Hall during the times when they are working, their enjoyment will be obvious by the sound of their laughter and lively conversation. The Koinonia Quilters make quilts for every Good Shepherd senior at the time of their high school graduation. College students have been known to receive quilts as well. Anyone who is baptized at Good Shepherd is gifted with a baby-sized or lap-sized quilt. The group makes lap quilts for shut-ins, fidget quilts, walker bags, and shirt protectors. They make quilts for homeless youth and donate them to Community Youth Services (CYS). They made the Busy Bags that hold activities and art supplies for children to use during worship, and placemats that serve as mini “altar cloths” for at-home worship kits that people use during the seasons of Advent and Lent. They have made several gorgeous PRIDE-themed quilts that have been auctioned off to raise money each year to support Pizza Klatch.

The Koinonia Quilters are a self-sustaining group, getting supplies through donated fabric, but also by selling items and using the money to buy batting, thread, and other necessary materials. On the second Sunday of every month, on the same Sunday when Fair Trade items are sold, you can purchase many articles made by the Koinonia Quilters. They have made placemats, hot pads, pillow cases, bowl buddies, wreath centerpieces, as well as the walker bags and shirt protectors mentioned above. They also take requests, so if you have a project you would like to have made, please ask!

This group is always looking for new members. You do not need to know how to quilt in order to join: just join and learn—without having to pay for lessons! If you are interested in trying it out, stop in, or contact Beth Holmes at 360-357-3554.