Hello Everyone,

February has certainly been a very exceptional month especially when it comes to SNOW EVENTS!!!

Snow is so beautiful when it is falling softly and covering grass and bushes. Very soon, that same snow, when it is 2 feet deep, becomes quite hazardous. It’s hard to move around in the snow and it is difficult to remove from driveways and sidewalks because it is so heavy. I get nervous just watching the cars slide around on newscasts. Then the snow on the tree limbs weighs them down so much that they snap and take out the power lines.

I, myself, had no power, no phone, no internet, and no heat. Thanks to a church member’s call, the police came to make a wellness check on me. Snow can certainly slow everything down but it does make you thankful for all the services we tend to take for granted; light, heat, ability to cook food, etc.

God, in His faithfulness, walked beside each one of us during this display of Nature’s power! He is present in the help that neighbors give each other. He is present in the nonstop work that is done by the power company employees. He is present in the volunteer work done to open more warming shelters for people experiencing homelessness. In so many ways, God blessed us with His presence and He continues to do so as we deal with damages caused by the snow.

March is just around the corner so print out your Gifts in Worship master, highlight the Sundays that you are being asked to serve, and post your master on your refrigerator where it will remind you of your Sunday/s to serve.

Welcome to Shawna Jackson, one of our new members who is serving as an acolyte and a communion assistant. We are so happy to have you serving with us, Shawna!

God’s peace,


March Gifts in Worship Calendar