by Barb Lantz, Congregation President

Our June council meeting was the first for our new council, and we began with an ice breaker, asking council members, “When did God become more than a word to you?” Much of the work of this first meeting involved housekeeping tasks, such as assigning council report writers,  the schedule for representing council at staff meetings, and assigning ministry and committee council liaisons. We also determined who will be authorized signers on bank accounts. Jim Howeth, our new church bookkeeper, was introduced to the council. We elected officers for the 2019-2020 council year. The following individuals will serve on the Executive Committee: Barb Lantz, President, Keith Folkerts, Vice-President, Diane Graf, Secretary, and John Masterson, Treasuer.

We discussed roof repairs, including new discovery of dry rot in the belfry. Both Ron Tuvey and John Masterson will lead the effort to get the belfry work done. Steve Masini, architect and congregation member, is advising on structural and roof details.

Both Darcy Huffman and Pastor Michael Greenwalt were acknowledged for their contributions to The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd. We will honor both Darcy and Pr. Mike with a celebration after the June 30 worship service.

The Council asks the congregation to hold the staff in your prayers. We ask you to be extra kind and caring in your interactions with staff during this time of transition.