Community Garden Report


God is entirely and personally present in the wilderness, in the garden, in the field. ~Martin Luther


Our Community Garden is a vibrant, growing place. The Community Garden committee has been meeting monthly in the off season to dream and plan for the growing season. The Thurston County Food Bank and our Food Bank Satellite received the produce from the garden. Committee members, Ed and Diane Armbrust attended the Thurston County Food Bank’s annual Grower’s Meeting in February and reported back on the needs of the Food Bank. The Food Bank is especially interested in vegetables for kids’ lunches over the summer and for vegetables that grow in the shoulder seasons.

Committee member, Leif Lantz, worked at tilling and covering the beds last fall so they would be ready this spring. If you tour the garden you’ll see more of Leif’s hard work, the mulch over the pathways is keeping down weeds, plants are sprouting and watered, and the grass is kept neat and trim between the beds.

We have partnered with CIELO again this season after great success last year. Committee member, Lynn Byrnes, brings her group of students to tend plants in the garden. They are growing produce for their own use as well as for the education and comradery of working in the Garden.

Some 4’x9’ plots are also available each spring to congregation members who are interested in planting and maintaining a garden. Our only ask of them is that they pull weeds as they see them throughout the whole garden.

We’re working with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts on projects for the garden. We’d like to have benches as well as more raised beds installed. Other projects include: replacing and expanding the irrigation system; signage throughout the garden; better fencing for tomatoes; increase accessibility; deterrents for deer and other critters that harvest.

The Sunday school students have been working on creating stepping stones for the Garden this spring. They’re also planting flowers to beautify the garden (and bring helpful pollinators) as well as planting vegetables to harvest.

This summer we’ll be hosting several Garden Work Parties after worship for the whole congregation to join in! We invite you to wear your grubbies to church and join us out in the Community Garden for planting, weeding, and harvesting. We’ll even provide the refreshments. Look for more information in the Sunday Page. We’re also planning special harvests on the Thursday before our Food Bank Satellite so we can provide clients with garden-fresh produce.

If you would like to help support the Community Garden please reach out to one of the committee members: Lynn Byrnes, Linda Egge, Diane & Ed Armbrust, Leif Lantz, Allison Pate, and Kai Abrahamson.