Memorial Garden

Columbarium and Memorial Wall

The Good Shepherd Memorial Garden with Columbarium and Memorial Wall shall be hallowed ground, sacred to the memory of those who have departed from our midst.  This peaceful, welcoming Memorial Garden provides a final earthly resting place and a quiet respite for visitation and meditation.

For many centuries cemeteries were found in churchyards, allowing churches to minister to the spiritual needs of their members, from baptism through life to death. For various reasons, urban churches are not building cemeteries today.  The modern alternative, which more and more churches are offering their members, is the columbarium.

Our Memorial Garden consists of a columbarium and meditation garden. The garden provides a quiet courtyard for prayer, reflection, and meditation. The Columbarium is a dedicated structure within the garden area with niches for the interment of cremated human remains.  The front of each niche will be a granite tile with an inscription plaque.  The Memorial Wall, located on the back of the Columbarium, contains plaques to memorialize those who are interred elsewhere.

Our granite faced columbarium will be a collection of niches designed to hold one or two urns containing human cremains.  Each niche will have a face plate engraved with the name, year of birth and year of death of the deceased person or persons.


Benefits of a Columbarium

Spiritual Site – The site provides a sacred site of beauty and dignity where loved ones can visit and meditate.

Simplicity of Planning – The purchase of a columbarium niche eliminates the need to choose a burial site, casket, vault, and monument.  It can also eliminate the need to plan for internment and memorial services at different locations and times. It is  also possible to realize a substantial financial savings.

Things You Should Know

As a welcoming congregation, The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd does not require  you to be a church member in order to place cremains in the Columbarium. Further details regarding eligibility are listed in the Columbarium Policy 2017.

There are no annual maintenance fees. The Memorial Garden is funded through donations and purchases of niches and memorial wall plaques which include perpetual care fees.

Prices for a single or double niche do not include cremation costs. Typically, an authorized funeral director will handle the cremation and any permits for interment that federal, state, or local laws require. The Columbarium Committee will provide an urn in which the authorized funeral director may place the cremated remains.

Columbarium Pricing

Single niche/sign urn – $1,900          Double niche/two single urns – $2,100

Double niche with combined urn – $2,200

Memorial Wall Prices

Single name plaque – $300                Dual names plaque – $500

How do I get started?

If you would like to consult with a member of the Columbarium Committee regarding the reservation process or interment process, please complete the request below and a member of the committee will be in touch.

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Other Questions?

Here’s our ColumbariumFAQs 2017

Here’s the Columbarium Policy 2017