Who are Climate Shepherds, and what do they do?  We are Christians who care for creation and a livable climate. On the first Sunday of every month we meet in Room 219 during the Education Hour and share ways that we can be helpful as citizens (i.e. attending public hearings, writing letters to legislators or other organizations, voting, etc.); educate others about climate concerns (i.e. Meaningful Movie nights, participate in community environment events); and look at ways we, ourselves can help slow climate change.

Recently some of us participated in an “eco group” in which about ten families met twice a month to look at specific ways we can reduce our carbon footprint (basically heat trapping greenhouse gases). Many of us had already been practicing carbon-reducing ways of life but there is always room for improvement. For example, our family had been actively recycling, and we fed vegetable scraps to our goats, but we decided to compost more by purchasing our own composter into which we now put all of our other plant waste. A more difficult action that we’re trying to implement is eating vegetarian one full day a week and to consume less red meat overall (cattle are a huge producer of methane gas!). We have heard similar comments from other eco group participants suggesting that we are not alone in finding some changes to be easier than others: “It’s hard to get teens to take shorter showers”; “I’m not sure I can really turn the thermostat any lower; it’s cold”; “My solar array has dropped my electric bill to $7.87 a month!”; “I learned I enjoy veggie burgers.”

We invite you to participate with us in any or all activities we facilitate. We are also going to start putting a “Climate Tip of the Week” in The Sunday Page to share ideas for reducing your carbon footprint.  Join us in any way you can!