“Let The Little Children Come To Me; Do Not Stop Them”

Mark 10:14

At Good Shepherd, we know young children can be a handful – especially in worship.  Our encouragement is to relax and have fun with your young one while we worship together.  God put the wiggle in children; don’t think you have to suppress it as we worship.  Wiggle with them!  All truly are welcome here at Good Shepherd.

Feel free to sit toward the front.  It is easier for kids to see the action and hear from there.  If necessary, feel free to come and go during the worship service.  Sometimes just letting a younger child run a bit in the hallway helps them to settle back into worship.  We have “Busy Bags” available for children ages 3-8. Grab one on your way in, or ask an usher for help.

Sing songs and the liturgy loudly!  Let the joy of worshipping together flow freely!  Children learn how to worship from the significant adults in their lives.  As you express yourself in the enthusiastic worship of God so will the youngsters among us.

Younger children pick up quickly whether or not they are welcome in worship.  All of us who gather in worship can let our younger ones know they are welcome.  A smile and words of welcome to a younger child can go a long way in letting them know this place is also for them.

What about Holy Communion? All are welcome to the Lord’s Table!  Good Shepherd does not have a specific age or grade when children start communing.  Our pastoral advice is that when a child starts to show interest, let that child get started.  Ask a Pastor for a “mini” orientation to the process of taking Holy Communion.  Over the course of Sunday school and confirmation, all our kids will have the opportunity for instruction about Holy Communion.  However, let them start when the interest is there!

Of course, your children under three are always welcome to visit our nursery, located just down the hall from our sanctuary. Stacey Monohan is our nursery attendant and is ready to welcome your child or children into the nursery.  Please ask one of our ushers for directions.