While the Altar Guild is basically a small group we have been very busy this past year putting a lot of time, group discussion and effort into organizing and detailing our responsibilities and creating written instructions to assist both new and experienced members with the varied tasks.  We are committed to keeping these instructions updated as changes occur.

We meet on the second Monday of each month in room 109 and welcomed one new member this past year. We are always looking for others to join our group. The “many hands make light work” adage really applies here! Anyone who feels called to this ministry will find a warm welcome within this group.

In the past year we worked with the Worship Committee to re-establish the tradition of having the ushers present the communion elements to the pastor, along with the offering basket, just prior to communion.    After some research into other local congregation communion practices, we also worked with the Good Shepherd Bread Bakers to transition to unleavened bread for communion. We also experimented with using gluten free rice crackers with communion by intinction. We will coordinate with the pastor to determine if this will continue from time to time.

We have a strong and important bond with all of the Good Shepherd staff as they do so much to assist us and we have a deep appreciation for their dedication and work.  Change is always difficult but we will look forward to working with new staff and a new pastor in the coming year.

Pat Holt

Altar Guild Chairperson