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Welcome to Our Transition Pastors

Welcome to Reverend Michael Greenwalt and the Reverend Duane Fister, who will be our transition pastors beginning in August. . The Rev. Greenwalt will serve Good Shepherd 16 hours a week, while the Rev. Fister will be available 32 hours a week.

The Rev. Michael Greenwalt is a retired Naval Chaplain with nearly 25 years of service. Michael was a parish pastor for about 11 years before entering the Navy. He has served in multiple locations, mostly along the west coast. Currently, he provides spiritual care at Providence Medical Centers. Mike has experience working with organizational trauma and believes it is important to normalize conversations around conflict and has extensive experience training leaders. His email during his time here at Good Shepherd will be [email protected]

The Rev. Duane Fister, while raised Lutheran, took a detour as an ecumenical pastor as an adult. He has served over 25 years in the ministry. Duane recently returned to the Lutheran church and is obtaining his credentials through Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. He is a synodically recognized minister in word and sacrament by the Southwestern Washington Synod. He currently serves as a transition pastor at a Lutheran church in Port Orchard. As an added bonus, Duane is also an electrician. He has lots of experience equipping people to serve and to help one another. He recently joined an ecumenical text study group with social justice as a focus. His email during his time here at Good Shepherd will be [email protected]

We will be hosting a special Theology Uncorked on Tuesday, August 14 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. to welcome them. Please bring an appetizer to share and we’ll provide the beverages.

We hope to see you there!

Congregation Council


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