God draws us together in worship, proclaiming unconditional love and grace into our lives and our community. With God as our Divine Improviser, worship is one of the many ways we cdownloadreate with God. We join God’s “jam session” in many ways—as musicians, preachers, artists, sound operators, worship assistants, ushers, greeters, bakers and cooks – to name a few.

Worship at Good Shepherd, in all of its many expressions, yearns to invite all people to genuinely explore spirituality as diverse individuals, united in Love as one community.

If you are looking for something new, consider beginning each week with a more centering, contemplative experience. Our evening service, that begins at 6, is a space to connect with your breath, immerse yourself in music, poetry, and candle lighting, and dwell in the ordinary presence of Divine Mystery.

Michael Larson, Director