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The Strategic Planning Task Force Has Gone Digital!

On Sunday, March 25 the Strategic Planning Task Force debuted a first draft of the plan which will guide our church for the next 3-5 years. We passed out several documents full of ideas that need to be discussed, revised, and winnowed down into a streamlined final version. Missed the meeting but still want to participate? No problem!

The links below can take you to the strategic planning documents. We would love your feedback on any or all of them by April 4. You can deliver hard copy feedback to the church mailbox marked “John Masterson” or send your electronic reflections to [email protected].

  • Vision, Mission, Values – structures a review process for our current and potential (draft) identity language
  • Cyclical Handout – contains some big picture ideas and space for you to suggest how we put those ideas into practice.
  • SMART goals – asks you to rank all the brainstorming we’ve done for specific tasks the church might tackle together.

You can still discuss the documents with your fellow congregation members via our online forum. The format is an ongoing conversation in Google Classroom designed to give you maximum flexibility. Between now and April 4, we invite you to take as much time as you need to read, think, and respond. You can join, contribute to, or leave the discussion at any time! One forum objective is to discuss Good Shepherd’s vision, mission, and values statements. The other objective is to tackle the nuts and bolts of the strategic plan which will guide our church for the next 3-5 years. Want to sign up? Email Katie Doolittle at [email protected].

There will be further opportunities for working with the Task Force. Your feedback will drive our penultimate draft, which we’ll then take back to both the congregation and Council for a “pre-mortem” (planning ahead for what might go wrong with implementation). Then we’ll go back to work and do some polishing before delivering the final strategic plan at our annual meeting on May 20.

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