Experience Luther’s Small Catechism in a New Way

Beginning October 7 during the Education Hour, we’ll be having meaningful conversations about the biblical and historical context of Luther’s Small Catechism, its link to the church’s faith, and its connection to Luther’s life and our lives today. This seven-week course is perfect for longtime Lutherans as well as those new to the faith. We’ll be reading By Heart: Conversations with Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. Copies are available for a suggested donation of $11. Classes will feature short, lively, animated videos, reflection exercises, and conversation. Our study coincides with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and will launch our own discussions about how we can continually reform the church to spread the good news to every generation and culture. For more information please contact Kai Abrahamson.

Climate Shepherds

A group of climate-concerned folks at Good Shepherd gather on the first Sunday of each month to discuss climate issues and how to take action.

After exploring the effects of climate change on our Rivers (and our dependence on them), they decided to move forward with Eco-Teams as our stewardship action to help reduce our carbon footprints even more.

An Eco-Team is a series of 4 meetings with 5-8 households using the Low Carbon Diet to lose up to 5,000 pounds of carbon in 30 days … or 60 days ;>).

Interest? Join them on the first Sunday of the month!!