“A Stroll through John’s Gospel” with Pastor Dick as your guide,

This year’s Sunday Morning Bible Study will take us through the Gospel according to St. John, which Martin Luther described as “the one, fme, true, and chief gospel, and is far, far to be referred over the other three and placed high above them.” According to Luther, John’s gospel offers more ofthe words of Christ than any ofthe others, teaching us “all that is necessary for us to know’ for our salvation. Small wonder that John 3:16 is the best known verse in all the scriptures.

Conversational in nature, our Sunday morning sessions follow John in his unique focus on the heart of the Christian message as we make our way through his telling the story of Jesus. Come as you are able to any or all of these Sunday morning studies.

Dive Deep Into Faith

Do you feel like your faith has been beached for a while? Are you longing for deeper waters? Join Pastor Amy for a tour of the basic elements of Christian theology through the animate.Faith video series. We will be in good hands as imaginative church leaders guide us through and around topics like God, Jesus, the Bible and the church. Brian Mclaren, Nadia Bolz-Weber and a host of others will share their knowledge and their wondering with us. Unafraid to be saturated in gospel living they are out to help us discover deep pools of enduring faith ourselves. This seven-week series is designed to stir us up, toss us around, and set us up on a wave of living and engaged faith. Come break the surface tension caused by questions and explore unknown depths in the ocean of faith. The animate.Faith adult forum series will begin January 10.

Climate Shepherds

A group of climate-concerned folks at Good Shepherd have gathered a few times since our record summer wildfires to discuss climate change and our response to it, as people of faith caring for God’s creation.

Now a new 6-month adult class is forming to discuss climate change issues; from the new international Paris Accord to effects and actions in our own state and town. We will look at the consequences of a warming earth, how the climate is changing now, what we can do to help slow this down, and how we can adapt to what we can’t prevent. People have asked for more information on actions others are taking, some signs of hope (yes, there are some!), how we can respond as individuals and as a congregation.

Beginning January 3, and for the next 1st Sundays of each month until June, join us between services in Room 160. Discussion will be led by Rhonda Hunter, who presents on climate change around the state and is retired from the Department of Ecology. Guest speakers will include Earth Ministry and Thurston County Climate Action Team. Please join us!