What is the Strategic Planning Task Force?

The Task Force is a group of seven individuals who answered a general call put out by the Congregational Council. Our mission? To create a strategic plan that helps Good Shepherd focus all aspects of its ministry efforts in the years ahead. As John Masterson, leader of the task force, puts it, “We are trying to discern our collective calling from God.”

As stated in the Charter, our final product will be a “3-5 year strategic plan for approval by the congregation at the May 2018 Annual Meeting.” The Council will receive a draft for review by April 17, and we hope to make the plan available to the congregation at large shortly thereafter.

What will the Task Force’s plan look like?

We’ve heard repeatedly that our congregation wants a “plan with legs.” In other words, we need an actionable guide that’s easily accessible to all. We envision three to five S.M.A.R.T goals (objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and on a timeline). We also hope to offer several suggestions and tools for implementing and monitoring the goals… while still leaving plenty of room for congregational creativity.

What is the Task Force’s timeline?

Fall 2017 – The task force was officially installed on Sunday, October 22. We first met on Sunday, October 29 with both Rev. Melanie Wallschlaeger, SW Washington Synod, Director for Evangelical Mission (see bio) and Pastor Amy. At that time and in subsequent meetings, we began to define the scope of our work and examine the data that informs it. We also wrote a Charter, which was approved by the Congregational Council on December 12, 2017.

Winter 2017/2018 –  Currently, the task force is still in a place of divergent thinking—discerning trends and prioritizing possibilities. We’re grounding that process in a deeper pass through the data. To date the task force has received or created in excess of 70 documents numbering hundreds of pages. These documents include outside research on national and local religious trends, past strategic plans for Good Shepherd, and feedback from the congregation, staff, community, and synod. This winter, the Task Force also rolled out multiple options for two-way communication between our small group and the larger church community. One notable effort was the  Theology Uncorked event on February 2, Wine with Wallschlaeger. (See below for details!)

Spring 2018 – As spring rolls around, we’ll continue the important work of communicating with the larger church community. We will also be drafting the strategic plan. This drafting process will be guided by our prayerful listening, analyzing, and discerning.

Now that we have more to report, we’re making a concerted effort to foster two-way communication between the Task Force and the larger church community.

How can I get involved?

How can you still be actively involved now that the event has passed? We’d love to hear your thoughts regarding the suggestions put forth in the assessment, article, or survey.

  • There will also be future opportunities for face-to-face input. Please consider attending!

Church-wide forums:

  • Sunday, February 25 at 12:15 pm at Good Shepherd, a light lunch will be available
  • Sunday, March 25 at 12:15 pm at Good Shepherd, a light lunch will be available

Discussions with the Congregation Council:

  • February 13 at 7:00 pm
  • March 13 at 7:00 pm
  • April 10 & 17 at 7 pm (tentative dates)

Congregation Annual Meeting – Sunday, May 20

  • Stay tuned for further communications! Per the congregation’s suggestions, we’ll be providing information over email and in the Sunday Page. We’ll keep this webpage updated and hope to have a bulletin board up in Crary Hall by the end of February.

 How can I contact the Task Force?

Information can be provided to the TF at any time.  It can be dropped off in the mail box labeled “John Masterson” at church.  You can email information to John Masterson at [email protected] or any of the members of the TF.  You can also request a meeting with one or more members of the task force by contacting John Masterson via email.

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