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Pr. Knutzen Resumes Bible Study “A Year-Long Journey with Jesus”

On Sunday, September 16 we will begin a journey with Jesus from its Bethlehem beginning to its after-Easter Ascension with many stops along the way. Our ancient tour guides will be Matthew, Mark, Luke and sometimes John with an assist from some contemporary guides like Louis Cassel’s The Real Jesus: How He Lived and What He Taught, Marcus Borg’s Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, and John Paul Crossan’s Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography.

Sections of the journey include the Infancy Narratives, the Galilean Section including Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Luke’s Special Section, The Judean Section including Jesus’ Journey to and Days in Jerusalem, his Passion Narrative, and finally his Appearances as the Risen Lord.

This journey will take some time.  It begins today during our 10:15 Faith Formation (you’re never too old) Hour up in Room 219.


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