by Darcy Huffman, Resource & Communication Director

Church is not something you go to, it’s a community you belong to.

During our Budget/Mission forum last month Ron Tuvey, our Congregation President reviewed and discussed some membership and stewardship numbers. These numbers reflect where we are as a congregation from a membership and financial perspective. Ron directed us to prayerfully consider our stewardship.

Pr. Amy talked to us about where we are as a congregation from a mission perspective and how we often seem unfocused in our approach to ministry. She directed us to prayerfully consider what our mission is and then to consider how our building and our giving will help us accomplish that mission.

On February 12 Good Shepherd hosted the first of four Dive Deep Forums intended to help us in our discernment of what God is calling us to do at Good Shepherd. At this forum we hosted representatives from Community Youth Services, Pizza Klatch and Safeplace who spoke to us about their programs focusing on Transitional Youths – ages 13-25. On March 12, we’ll host a session focusing on immigration with guests from Cielo, LIRS and the Islamic Center of Olympia. On March 19 we’ll hold a session on homelessness with representatives from Sidewalk, Homes First and the Family Support Center. We encourage you to attend these forums as we move forward in our mission discernment.

During our forum on February 26, we turned to a more inward look at Good Shepherd by focusing on our building’s short and long term maintenance requirements and how the cost of this maintenance will affect our annual budget and reserves for years to come.

Inforgraphic 2

Who is Our Community?

Before we begin the conversation about our building, we need to take a moment to talk about community. More specifically, what our Good Shepherd community looks like, how they use the building and how we, as followers of Christ serve them. The infographic above, based on a five-year average, shows just how much our building is used by those who may not be what we would call “members” of Good Shepherd. It’s a lot and they contribute to our community in more ways than just money and we serve them in more ways than just providing space for their meetings.