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Help us Raise the Roof!!

Over the last several months we’ve been talking about our need to replace the Gathering Place roof, repair part of the Sanctuary roof and our need to improve ventilation throughout our building. In August, the Congregation Council approved a plan and budget to accomplish these projects.

In September the Gathering Place roof was replaced and the Sanctuary roof was repaired. We are now waiting for Sunset Air to work on the ventilation system for the Gathering Place and the south kitchen.

Council expects this project to cost up to $60,000. At their meeting on Tuesday, they approved using funds from the Major Building Improvement Fund to pay for the project. The current balance in the fund is $68,508. However, that means we are immediately tapping 87% of our reserves to pay the bills.  This leaves us with a very limited “Rainy Day” fund for any other unexpected building need that could emerge in the next few years.

That is why we are asking you for a one-time increase in your giving or pledge that goes above your regular and appreciated support for the daily operation of the church. Our goal is to raise $30,000 to cover 50 percent of the cost.  The rest we will cover with funds from the Major Building Improvement Fund. Unlike past special projects, we will also be reaching out to organizations that use our building on an ongoing basis for their financial help as well.

As the fall season starts, and the days become cooler, we see more people come back into our church building for ministry, community, service, faith formation, education, recovery, redemption, and music.  Just like the beautiful fall colors unfolding outside, our building hosts many beautiful people under its roof.  Thank you for considering our request to ensure we have a strong structure to support all the work that goes on inside for the years to come.

If you would like to donate to this fund, please make your check payable to Good Shepherd and write “Roof Fund” on the memo line. You can also donate online at There is a special column also called Roof Fund. If you would like to make a pledge, you will find “Raise the Roof” pledge cards on the Welcome Desk in the Narthex. You may turn in your pledge card anytime to Amy Sutmiller or put it in the offering basket.


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