Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

How many times have you driven through the intersection of North St. and Henderson Dr.? How many others drive or walk or ride regularly through this intersection?  The cyclist, the school children, the city bus full of passengers, people walking their dogs, runners, commuters…..all are exposed on a fairly often basis to the sights and sounds of that particular intersection.

And what is the most prominent structure that stands at one of the corners formed by the intersecting of North St. and Henderson Dr.? Yes, it is the trio of silver crosses with the central cross towering over the other two crosses. How magnificent this cross appears day after day, night after night! That center cross identifies those who worship in the church on the corner as followers of Christ! This identity is the central core of our beings-the very essence of our lives. What an extraordinary witness to our faith that cross makes! Each and every day the soaring center cross reminds all who glimpse it of God’s unconditional love for humankind and His ultimate gift of grace, His Son, Jesus. Remember  to offer praise and thanks to God for His gift of salvation the next time you view that lovely cross. Who knows? Perhaps someone who has passed that corner has been drawn to Jesus by the steadfast love and faithfulness the center cross symbolizes.

Below is the March Gifts in Worship schedule. You will notice that for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, there are several tbd spaces. We need someone to help serve wine for communion on Maundy Thursday and two ushers for the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services. Please let me know if you would be able to help with one of these services.?

In the service of One who claimed us in Love,


March 2018 Gifts in Worship Schedule