Hello Everyone,

Do you realize that we have only four more weeks of summer? Of course, we call August the “dog days of summer” and it usually is hotter than June or July and the lawns have gone brown for the most part. I suppose some of you are familiar with Midwest thunderstorms. After attending the WELCA Tenth Triennial Gathering earlier this month, I stayed in Minneapolis for a few days to visit my cousin who has lived there most of her life. The Triennial ended on Sunday, July 16th. The next day, in the evening, a thunderstorm hit Minneapolis. Blue lightening covered the entire sky followed by continuous crashes of rolling thunder. Then the rain began… huge vertical sheets of rain pelted the trees, grass and flowers. My sister from California and I sat on my cousin’s porch watching this display of power that is a part of God’s creation. I could not believe that the entire sky was filled with lightening! We all know the account of how Jesus stilled the storm when the disciples were filled with terror as their boat floundered on the Sea of Galilee. What power and majesty our God shows us! Soon after that experience with a Midwest thunderstorm, I was delighted to experience the sight, sound and feel of a gentler aspect of God’s creation… eleven three-week old chocolate Labrador puppies. They were squirming and mewing and, when held, felt just like soft velvet especially their droopy little ears. When they plopped down to sleep, they bunched up all together for warmth and safety. How wonderful it is that the God of the Universe whose power is unsurpassable shows such mercy and love to us and to helpless newborn animals!

Thank you all for your faithful service, Linnea

Below is the Gifts in Worship master for the month of August.

August Gifts in Worship Schedule