Hello Everyone,

I believe that September has flown by!!

Fall is my favorite season of the year partly because of the cooler weather and also because of all the beautiful colors of fall. Some trees on my street are just being kissed with the colors of fall while several are already ablaze with bronze, red and gold. Yellow leaves are starting to cover lawns and sidewalks and dance across streets into gutters.

Its time for me to take a relaxing drive on the King’s Highway, Mullen Rd between College St. and Carpenter Rd. The fronds of golden grass are really tall at this time and the fall breezes make these beautiful grasses bow down as if the King of Glory were passing by. Fall is such a good time to reflect on all the lessons we have learned as we have observed the four Sundays in the Season of Creation. God’s blessings through His creation are so richly apparent in this season of transformation.

Below is the Gifts in Worship schedule for October. Note that October 29 is Reformation Sunday and the Crucifers and Acolytes will wear robes with red cinctures.

It is such an honor to work with all of you as we serve our Lord and our church family in worship.

In Christ’s love,


October Gifts in Worship Master