Hello Everyone,

What a joy it was to see blue skies a few days ago! What a relief to have cooler temperatures too! While it was still pretty warm, I would open the front door in the morning to let in some of the cool, fresh air and try to have that air replace the stuffy air that lingered in the house from the day before. I try to use the early morning hours for prayer and Bible reading and I noticed one morning how very still the early morning hours are. I could not detect a single sound either from inside or outside the house. The morning seemed suspended like a beautiful bubble tinted with soft colors and sparkling with the first rays of the sun. The silence is so filled with the anticipation of the lovely day that God has created. After a while, a few birds start to chirp and call to each other and theirs is the only joyful sound that brightly breaks into the soft silence of the morning.

What a wonderful time to offer praise and thanksgiving to our Creator God! And to study His Word! This will seem  even more refreshing as the days begin to fill up with more activities and the lazy days of summer slip away.

Remember that the new time for the one worship service is 9:00 am and it begins on September 9.

God’s richest blessings to all of you,


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