Continuing Conversations

by Kai Abrahamson, Emerging Ministries & Service Director


A while back Pr. Ann and I put together a series of classes called Re:Formation: Where have we been? Where are we now? And where are we going? 

In the first class we introduced the idea of  a 500-year cycle within Christianity (and culture) excluding the current time dubbed the “great emergence.” We had the Great Reformation in the 16th century, before that, in the 11th century we had the Great Schism, and similar changes going back through time even predating Christianity with cultural and religious changes happening in Judaism.

In the second class we talked about the changing viewpoints within Christianity, where once very strong cultural lines between denominations accrued. People are now making “space” between these lines.

In the third class we talked about how many people no longer feel comfortable identifying exclusively with only one or any denomination but still identify themselves as Christian. We also talked about the growing number of people who draw on some of the rituals and practices of Christianity but do not claim     Christianity as a main identity. Continuing from there we looked at the changing cultural contexts of our time and how we live in a “post truth” era.

Post truth is an adjective “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” Oxford dictionary word of the year

This means that relationships with people are more important than knowing the “facts.”

If anyone was unable to attend these Adult Forum sessions or wants to learn a sliver of what was discussed I still have the PowerPoint presentations and handouts available for people if you are of a more visual bent.

Ethical Food Choices

Later on I had the opportunity to host a class/conversation on ethical food and how it relates to us as the Body of Christ, both as individuals and as a larger community. In this case, “ethical food” is defined as food that is healthy both nutritionally and emotionally for those who consume it, and which is safe for the environment and for those who eat it and produce it. If you would like to continue or join the ongoing conversation about how we live out ethical food practices at The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd, please contact me so we can set up a time to meet as a group.

Meaningful Movies with Climate Shepherds:

Years of Living Dangerously

Lastly I would like to lift up the opportunity to partake in a series of “Meaningful Movies,” the first of which kicked off on Thursday, January 19 with the help of the Climate Shepherds and which will continue every other Thursday evening until we have completed the 8-part series. We meet in the Sanctuary at 6:00 to view these 50-minute episodes which highlight climate change topics and       actionable steps. We stay afterwards for refreshments and to discuss each film. Refreshments and discussion follow will follow. Bring a few friends.  The dates and episode titles are as follows:

February 2 Gathering Storm

February 16 The Uprooted

March 2 Fueling the Fire

March 16 Collapse of the Oceans

March 30 Priceless

April 13 Safe passage

April 27 Uprising

For more information, contact Kai at