Respectfully Submitted by Barb Lantz


On June 12 Council held its first meeting of the new church year. We were joined by Pastor Randy Faro. Two of our new council members, Keith Folkerts and Rosie Macs, were introduced. Our third newly elected council member, Pastor Dick Knutzen, was unable to attend. We elected new officers: Vice President, Barbara Lantz; Vice President, Cindy Spencer; Treasurer, Susan Kavanaugh; and Secretary, Michael Gray. Installation of council members will occur during worship on June 24.

Council received and accepted the resignation of Treasurer, Paula Moore. Following discussion, the Council agreed to a Continuing Resolution to have 11 council members as opposed to 12 for the church year.

We discussed finding a Transition Pastor to serve while Good Shepherd decides whether to request a Redevelopment Pastor or a Called Pastor. Pastor Randy Faro agreed to serve as our Pulpit Supply Pastor through the end of July. Council will seek a Transition Pastor to serve until which time either a Redevelopment Pastor or a Called Pastor is secured. Discussion followed regarding the possibility of hiring a Visitation Pastor, but no action was taken at this meeting.

The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd has received 4 potential candidates for Transition Pastor.  Resumes are being gathered, as well as questions for interviews. Four individuals from Council will interview Transition Pastor candidates. Interviews will be conducted over the next 3-6 weeks.

May financials were discussed. Darcy Huffman, our Communication and Resource Director, provided a thorough overview of budget content, responding to questions of council members on line items of the budget. Offerings are down about $34,000 for the 11-month period ending May 31, 2018. Investments and lower spending are helping to offset the deficit, but church staff are avoiding purchase of any high cost items at this time.

Cindy Spencer will lead the Personnel Ad Hoc Committee, taking the place of David Schoening, until the work of the committee is concluded (anticipated September, 2018). The Council will then form an ongoing Personnel Committee comprised of both council and congregation representatives anticipated to be formed in the fall.

The Council thanks congregation members for their prayers, financial support and work on behalf of our church community. Please reach out to any council member, including your elected Executive Committee, should you have questions or suggestions.