Respectfully Submitted by Michael Gray

Council addressed a number of topics this past Tuesday (July 10) in a long three and a half hour meeting. The most important topics will be summarized here. As always, always feel free to contact anyone on Council if you have questions, concerns, input, or something fun like cookie recipes.

Pastor Dick Knutzen has been approved to be a visitation pastor for the church until September 30, at which time we will either have transition pastors installed, or the term will be extended. Pastor Knutzen will remain on Council during this period.

Council has approved to hire two transition pastors pending reference checks. One pastor will work 2 days a week, and the other will work 4 days a week (a total of 1.2FTE). Their start date will be on, or as close as possible to, August 1. Council will have meet with the two pastors to establish roles and job descriptions during this time of transition.

Looking to the future, the congregation will need to determine what kind of pastor we should call next. Council will be recommending to the congregation to call a redevelopment pastor. A special congregational meeting will be held on August 26 to vote on this recommendation. Congregation members should take some time before the meeting to educate themselves on this decision. A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document will be available on the Welcome Desk this Sunday, and there will be two council-led forums: one on August 12, and the second to be determined. Please reach out to council members if you have questions or input.

Sprint and Puget Sound Energy (PSE) have both independently approached the church seeking approval to build utility boxes on church property. These boxes would be located on the west property line, behind room 160 and the community garden. Both businesses would pay the church monthly for this access. Council has approved the projects to proceed, final contracts to be coordinated through the resource director.