Respectfully Submitted by Susan Kavanaugh

The Council completed its review of draft updates to Good Shepherd’s personnel policies recommended by an ad hoc committee convened for this purpose last spring. The update process included review of other church personnel policies and input from human resource experts. Staff feedback was also solicited and incorporated. Among other things, the changes reestablish a Personnel Committee and provide greater clarity and specificity about the role of the Council in staff and Pastor personnel issues. The Council thanked committee chair Cindy Spencer and all members for their hard work over the past several months.

Michael Gray and Darcy Huffman provided an update on the data breach of the church server that occurred in mid-December. The issue has largely been addressed; however the church server is seriously stressed and not working optimally. It will need to be replaced and staff are working to do that, but it will take some time.   In the meantime email  from church email accounts remains slow and somewhat unpredictable – so please call the church if you need a quick response and are not hearing back.

Pastor Mike asked for feedback from the Council on the healing sessions, and reminded us that the church “family meeting” scheduled for the evening of January 27 is intended as a chance to continue the conversations at these meetings. Council noted the value of these meetings for long-time members, and the committed core, and also the need to intentionally make room for the voice of newcomers. Pastors Mike and Duane intend to share a copy of their summary of these meetings with the Call Committee, who may decide to share it with candidates.

Other news of note:

  • New member sessions during the Education Hour on January 13, 20, 27
  • Call Committee has meetings scheduled for January 9 and 17 and likely weekly thereafter
  • December average weekly attendance at Sunday worship: 222
  • Christmas Eve: 522 total worshippers at three services
  • December offerings totaled just over $60,000