Respectfully Submitted by Angela Tobias

At the Council meeting on April 10, the Council received an update on the Strategic Plan. The SMART goals will be reduced in number and edited based on congregational feedback. More in-depth opportunities for congregation-wide discussion of the Mission, Vision, and Values will be scheduled in the future because there was no clear consensus on the options as presented.

We got an update from Dave Schoening, chair of the Personnel Task Force. They hope to be done with the staff job descriptions, personnel policy updates, and a formal procedure for staff evaluations within a month or two.

Paula Moore has also been preparing some budget options for the congregation to consider and presented those for review and fine tuning before today’s budget forum. We have some hard choices to make, as income is down and we will now have the additional expenses involved with a pastoral transition.

We also discussed the process of handing off all of Pastor Amy’s projects and how we will be sure that the congregation’s needs are met during our interim period. We will discuss this in more detail and present some options for the congregation to consider at the Next Steps Forum on April 22. If you want to help with the handoff of a specific project, please contact Naomi Specht.

Michael Gray brought forward some concerns about the state of our computer systems and technology infrastructure in the building. The equipment is so old that it is obsolete and in some cases the software can no longer be updated. This leaves us vulnerable to serious and potentially very expensive outages. He proposed a phased plan to address these issues over the next three years, the first phase of which Council authorized. He also suggested that a standing budget item for IT updates be added so that the systems can be adequately maintained once they are updated, and to reduce the risk of unexpected serious malfunctions.

We also have begun preparations for the Annual Meeting on May 20. An annual report will be forthcoming, and there should be a bulletin board up soon with pictures and information about those running for Council this year. If you are at all not certain whether you are a voting member of the congregation, please contact the church office to clarify your status.

March 2018 Council Report

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