Respectfully Submitted by Cindy Spencer

The Call Process: We are reviewing the Redevelopment Expectations document and the updated Mission Site Profile, both of which are needed for the call process. All documents will soon be available for congregation members to review. Additionally, it was decided that in order to get a more diverse demographic representation of the congregation for the Call Committee that the deadline for applications is extended until November 21.  We also agreed to allow groups (e.g. couples with young children/teenagers) of 2-3 to co-apply in order to provide access to that demographic to participate; though, if selected, only one would be a voting member to help maintain continuity.

Benevolence Fund: Council approved the recommendation of the Benevolence Task Force to support many of the same organizations that we supported last year and added a few new entities for both local/regional and world concerns. The amount approved exceeds the earnings; however it was agreed that due to the needs and the balances in each fund, that we would support $23,600 for local/regional concerns and $68,250 for world concerns.

Worship time: Council decided to continue worship at 9:00 a.m. for the time being and will reevaluate again in the new year. Although no official survey will be conducted at this time, please feel free to provide feedback on the worship time to Council, staff or pastors. Thank you for your support during these transition times.

Strategic Action Plan: The Task Force reconvened and is looking at the Year 1 goals to see where we are and what’s next. Several items are either completed or underway. Stay tuned for information on opportunities to be engaged and involved.

Stewardship Committee: As Pr. Duane mentioned in his sermon, a Stewardship Committee needs to be revitalized.  Thank you to the group that had been working on this in the past. We are looking for volunteers to develop a plan to help remind us that as a part of our commitment to the life of Good Shepherd we need to discern about our giving.


Communications/ Resources: Giving for October/budgeted = $34,451/$36,000. Attendance – average for 2018/2017 = 173/219. A building maintenance review was conducted. There are plumbing concerns for the old part of the building, and a task force of the Men’s Group has been formed to look at options. Next year there will likely need to be some carpet replaced upstairs.

Financials: We were a little down in giving this past month, but still ahead of budget overall.

Personnel Task Force: Policies are in final stages of review and will be presented to the full Council shortly, then shared with the congregation. Draft job descriptions have been shared with the pastors, but these are very rough drafts, so they are not quite ready for congregation review. Draft evaluation forms were shared with the pastors, so that process can get underway.

Visitation: We have a robust visitation schedule and we are looking to initiate a more intentional process with guests (visitors) (guests) called “Invite, Welcome, Connect.”