by Naomi Specht

At our September 26 Council meeting we appointed John Masterson to chair the Strategic Planning Task Force.  The task force will follow up on the feedback from the cottage meetings and other sessions held these past few months and begin work on a strategic plan. They will share this with the congregation. The Council will appoint at least four additional members of the congregation to serve on this task force.

Congregation Treasurer Paula Moore gave us a financial update and we approved funding for the roof and ventilation system upgrade using funds from Major Building Improvements. We also approved a fundraiser to help defray these costs.

We appointed Susan Kavanaugh to convene a task force on benevolence funds.

We approved a fundraiser for youth and adults to attend the ELCA youth gathering in Houston from June 26-July 1, 2018.

We received an update on CIELO, including information about a project grant they received to create a Storytelling Initiative and the upcoming CIELO fundraiser to be held on October 28.  Good Shepherd will sponsor a table at this event. ESL classes are now in session Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Darcy Huffman reported about her recent synod council meeting for which she is a representative. The synod approved $20,000 in funds donated to Lutheran Disaster Relief to be used for hurricane relief.

Pastor Amy reported on the strategic planning process, and updated us on various ministries of Good Shepherd. She also told us about a presentation, “Faith vs. Fear,” educating us about the anti-Islamic movement. This will be held here at Good Shepherd on October 26 at 1:00 p.m.

Angela Tobias gave us a report on Interfaith Works, including some upcoming dates for events.  Some of these include the October 29 All-Souls Service to be held at Mills and Mills Funeral Home, and the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service which will be hosted here at Good Shepherd on November 19.