Our community Garden was an idea born from an Eagle Scout Project, beginning with the building of raised beds.

Bryce Knutzen started the project in 2009, followed the next year by A.J. Davies, who took it on as an Eagle Scout project and installed a watering system—on a timer no less!  Eric Evans followed this up the next year by building a terrific garden shed that even has its own stained glass window! Members of Good Shepherd then donated funds to begin the gardening experience. With many helpers the garden has been producing for seven years. It, too, has grown in space and productivity with most of the produce going the Thurston County Food Bank. They welcome our gifts at every delivery.

Deer and bunnies take their share from the “community garden,” but their participation seems to be diminishing with the addition of Irish Spring Soap.

Much of the space is  planted with food bank necessities,but this year we offered space to any member of our community who wanted their own garden. All we ask is that some of their harvest be donated to the Food Bank.

Given the need for fresh healthy foods for the community it is hoped that the garden will continue to grow and produce a lot of food. Some day we may even add a corn field, a garden fence, or even a fruit tree. Just let it GROW with Gods work and our hands!