At Good Shepherd, Christian Education is Faith Formation for all ages

At Good Shepherd faith formation is not exclusive to the church building, in fact, we believe faith should be happening where daily lives are happening: in cars, hallways, and on couches. Equipping our community to form faith outside the church grounds means nurturing a whole culture — an ecosystem – of faith formation.

Jesus presented faith as a whole way of life. As we cultivate our faith formation ecosystem, we strive to provide a community where genuine faith relationships can flourish; we want to help people know, understand, and embrace our core values and beliefs; and we foster and encourage a lifelong journey in pursuit of spiritual wellness and balance. That includes caring for one another, ritualizing important moments, reading Scripture, learning traditions, praying and spiritual practice, serving, and worshiping.

The beauty of a well-balanced ecosystem is that each participant has its own important role and way to contribute. What a beautiful way to think of our life in faith here at Good Shepherd. Join us as our weekly classes resume on Sunday, September 16.

Allison Pate, Director

[email protected]