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Celebrating LWR and Good Shepherd in Bihar, India

This April we’ll be featuring short stories about the work ELCA World Hunger and Lutheran World Relief are doing in India.  On April 22 beginning at 9:50 in Room 160 we will have a presentation on how things look on the ground in Bihar. We’ll culminate in an intergenerational India experience during the Education Hour on April 29.

This week:

Along with all the great strides women have made in Bihar, there are also challenges that we can lift up in prayer for our partners there.

Despite the fact that women do the bulk of the farming because men are working in the cities, most women are not respected as farmers and not given a voice in decision-making as it relates to the family’s farm. A cross-cutting theme of Partnership Bihar is to minimize the gap between men’s and women’s knowledge in farming practices, and influence a cultural shift to raise the status of women as equal partners in decision making on matters related to family health and farm management.

From April 8:

Before connecting with the Tripti project, Puran Bihari and his family of five spent a great deal of time searching for and collecting firewood in their village just so they could cook their daily meals. During the rainy season, rain-drenched logs made starting a fire difficult. Enter the Tripti project, which serves families who are food insecure and malnourished in Central India; their work is supported by ELCA World Hunger.

The Bihari family received a new, smokeless cookstove that runs on biopellets. It’s safer for their family and makes it easier for them to cook year-round. Now the Bihari family can cook their daily meals in a healthier, more sustainable way.


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