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Celebrate the Season of Creation with Us

The Season of Creation is an optional season for the church year. It is generally celebrated between Creation Day on September 1 and St Francis of Assisi Day on October 4. For four Sundays in the church year, we join in a whole-hearted experience of celebrating the mysteries and wonders of creation with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. In a special way, the Season of Creation follows the lead of the psalmists who exhort us to celebrate together with creation—with the forest, the rivers, and the fields who praise the Creator in their own way.

We celebrate Earth, the garden planet God has chosen as God’s sanctuary and as our home.

We celebrate with the creatures God has created as our kin on this blue green planet.

As we celebrate, we are conscious of the crisis that creation faces because of human greed, exploitation, and neglect.

As we celebrate, we empathize with those parts of creation—human and non-human—that are groaning because of human crimes against creation.

And, especially, we celebrate the Christ, whose death brings forgiveness for our sins against creation and whose risen presence is the cosmic power at work in reconciling and restoring creation.

The Season of Creation offers worshipers an opportunity to turn their full attention toward God the creator and toward their relationship with the whole creation. As God the creator, Christ the redeemer of creation, and the Holy Spirit as sustainer of life are integral to worship throughout the church year. We hope that caring for creation is a vital dimension of every worship service.

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