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ASTP Remains Closed

On Tuesday, the Council approved the ASTP Advisory Board’s request to extend the temporary closure of ASTP past the original date of March 19.

At this time Jennifer and Rebecca are not able to return to work as originally planned. They thank the congregation for understanding their need to take Medical Leaves of Absence.

On Thursday, the Advisory Board and Council sent an email informing the students, volunteers and schools that the temporary closure of the program will continue, and that the program may not be able to reopen this school year.

While some students and tutors continued to meet during the temporary closure, going forward, tutors and parents will organize and monitor these activities directly and no longer under the umbrella of ASTP and The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd.

If the program is able to reopen before the end of the school year, we will inform the congregation and program participants.

Members of the ASTP Advisory Committee are Ed Armbrust, Chair, tutor; Jodi Borreson, Vice Chair, tutor; and Joyce Duerfeldt, tutor. Michael Gray is the Congregation Council Liaison to ASTP.

If you have any questions regarding this decision, please contact a member of council or the ASTP Advisory Board.


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