The Altar Guild is a small group, always looking to bring in more people to take part in our ministry. We meet on the second Monday of each month at 10:15 a.m. in Room 109. A few of our members have very specific responsibilities, such as changing the paraments, preparing the ashes for the Ash Wednesday service, etc., while the remaining members have divided the responsibilities for keeping supplies ordered, setting up the altar for communion, and cleaning up after each communion service, and whatever else comes up. Dividing the responsibilities has made a positive change in the work flow and has involved all members in the many and varied Altar Guild duties. We work with the GSLC staff on specific requirements for special occasions, such as Christmas, Lenten services, Holy Week and Easter.  Since these requirements can, and do, sometimes change we rely on the staff to keep us up to date on those changes so that we will be able to fulfill those requirements.

We are always on the lookout for more volunteers and more participation. In the past year, we lost one member and gained another. If you are thinking this may be a calling for you, keep in mind that you do not need to be a woman to be part of Altar Guild! We have one man on the team already, and we would readily welcome more! Similarly, age is not as much of a limiting factor as you might think. We recently began working with Allison Pate on a new project to include younger members (confirmation students, and possibly older Sunday school students) along with one or both parents, in learning how to set up the altar for communion and how to clean and put everything away after the church service. Our goal is to have a family unit responsible for the altar one Sunday each month. We are working on a plan to train both the parent(s) and students, and hope that this will encourage them to become more involved and become a permanent part of this ministry. We are optimistic that this project may be started as early as June of this year.