When We are Sent

Prayer is a dangerous thing…

I find it a bit humorous, or at least ironic, that the disciples prayed for workers to be sent into the harvest fields only to find out that they were praying for themselves and didn’t know it. They were the ones Jesus wanted to send. Sometimes the answer to our prayers for change start with us.

Prayer is a dangerous thing, indeed.

Jesus wants us to stay in the story. Jesus has sent you and me, Good Shepherd. God has something for us to do.

When we are sent what does that look like?

It seems to me that we might know we are being sent when it involves bringing healing to a hurting world. We might know that we are being sent when the task seems impossible. Something we can’t do in our own power. We might know we are being sent when it involves risk and great personal cost. Now isn’t that exciting!

The question is, are we living safe or sent?  How much do we really trust God? What kind of community will Good Shepherd be?

Being sent also starts with seeing. Jesus looks around and sees the distressed and downtrodden. What he sees moves him with gut wrenching compassion. It motivated his actions…

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