The Light of Love

I wonder … were any of you feeling slightly uncomfortable as the first lesson was read this morning? In modern times, especially since World War II when over 6 million Jews and others were massacred, this text has given many people cause to reject Christianity. It was … of course … used by many “good” German Christians as a means of mollifying their consciences and justifying their complacency about the atrocities happening right under their noses. After all, the Bible says that you should obey the government right … even if it’s a bad government? Then there’s that sticky part in this lesson about slaves obeying their masters. We can be sure that part was one of the favorite scriptures quoted by plantation owners in the southern part of our own United States of America. This reading from 1 Peter is not something to be taken lightly.

In fact, it wasn’t really part of the assigned reading for this morning. I guess the people who laid out the weekly lessons decided it was too messy … not politically correct you know … and certainly unattractive. In a day when Christianity in general and mainline Christianity in particular is in a slump we want to put our best foot forward…


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