So What’s With the Cats?

So, were you wondering about the kittens dressed in togas on the cover of the Sunday Page this morning? Were you wondering if this is just one more piece of evidence that things are getting just a bit … shall we say unorthodox around here? Well … your right. They are getting a little kinda’ crazy, but this week you can’t blame me. This week it was Beth. I was all set to dig into the scripture some more on Monday morning and I get this email with the subject heading, “So….Do you think I could get away with putting this on the cover of the Sunday Page?” I open it up and there is this lovely painting of The Transfiguration … the only catch is that Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Peter, John, James, the disciples and the crowd are all CATS!

As I opened the picture up on my computer screen I started giggling. Then I headed downstairs, still giggling, to talk it over with Beth. Pretty soon we are both laughing and wondering out loud. Is it appropriate? Will anyone be offended? Should we use it? We could err on the side of not offending anyone. We could pick a tamer, safer picture. But I couldn’t help it. I just love cats and I love the picture. I wanted to use this picture!

Now, you need to know that the reason this picture is on the Sunday Page isn’t JUST because it made Beth and I laugh. And, it isn’t JUST because I’m a cat lover. The most important reason for using this picture is that by its very nature it makes us see a very familiar Bible story in an entirely different way. It pushes us out of a “ho hum I’ve heard that story once every church year and I know what it is about” complacency.

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